Aug 22

The Cookie Delete is Leaving Them Obsolete

We have known that the cookie has been crumbling for some time now, but an article in ClickZ  this week written by Nathan Woodman, chief operating officer and co-founder of Digilant, further confirms that the cookie is reaching the point of obsolescence. Just when we thought the cookie deletion issue was at its worst, digital marketers are now feeling even greater pain as some cookies are seeing a shelf life of only 60 seconds, according to Jag Duggal in AdAge. Woodman writes about an independent study his company conducted, measuring the cookie decay rate of ~100 million RTB cookie IDs at seven-day intervals for four weeks. After 28 days, only 26 percent of cookies retained their visibility. It is clear that this issue is on a slippery slope and it’s only a matter of time before cookies are altogether useless as a form of consumer identification.

The good news is that there is life beyond the cookie. Here’s where AdTruth steps in with a “healthy” alternative (Get it? “Healthy”). AdTruth helps digital marketers and advertisers in the industry suffering from cookie resentment by offering a tagless recognition solution that makes reaching your target audience, in the most privacy compliant way, possible.

Download the whitepaper on Solving the Audience Recognition Crisis: Achieving the Best of Both Worlds in Performance and Privacy.