Jun 08

Thanks Apple! Now Can We Move On Already?



Today we heard the big, but not so surprising news, that Apple would be releasing a new privacy-assured identification system to replace UDID. Thank goodness. Now, after nearly a year of angst and distraction, the mobile advertising industry can move beyond iOS app tracking and into the use cases that will truly propel us to the next level. The idea that we, as an industry, can build real businesses in mobile advertising on the use case of app tracking case is proposterous. Everyone seem’s to understand that point and agree, but the frenzy over UDID kept action to a minimum. It’s a welcome relief to see the end in sight.


At AdTruth, we’ve frankly struggled to fully explain what we do, why we do it, and how it’s so incredibly valuable. The maddening response of “Oh, so you replace the UDID” will, hopefully, now be replaced with “Oh, you provide global tracking technology in a privacy-assured way that opens up the entire $40 Bn Digital Ad market globally.” Yes! That’s what we do.


So again, thanks Apple! You have just made our marketing communication strategy easier. Now you can go back to designing incredible electronic devices and we can get on with the business of improving digital advertising.