Sep 21

Marketer’s #1 Concern: Mobile Tracking and Measurement – Way Beyond Cost, Privacy and Scaling




The world may be turning mobile, but are marketers ready? While some are fully embracing the exciting new possibilities mobile brings, many are also daunted by the vast number of challenges the channel presents to marketers. In a recent survey, 48 percent of marketers cited “tracking and measurement’ as their greatest mobile advertising concern.

What is it about mobile that makes tracking so much harder than desktop? Right now, there is no widespread adoption of a consistent and universal way to identify, recognize, track and target mobile devices while respecting consumer’s privacy and mobile experience. Despite the popularity and potential of the mobile world, the tools the industry has come to rely on for desktop tracking remain inadequate for mobile. Simply transferring the old solutions to the mobile world just won’t work; cookies aren’t stored well, UDIDs are only present in applications and other solutions either don’t provide the necessary performance or they raise valid privacy concerns.

48 percent of marketers should not be left in the dark. The industry needs to turn their heads to mobile now to useable mobile tracking tools. Marketers need to seek out and embrace new approaches that provide the necessary performance, as well as honor privacy, sooner rather than later. If we wait, the future of mobile tracking could land in the hands of digital media giants like Apple and Google who may not have our collective interests in mind.

(Source: Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Survey, July 2012)