Sep 04

Leaked! Not your toilet or the kitchen sink…but you might want to check your personal data!

Today’s breaking news of theĀ Apple UDID Leak is a extremely critical situation because UDID’s inherently create a direct and permanent connection between a device and a individual. This means that once UDID’s are leaked, potentially any information on or related to the device is compromised as well – this could include financial, personal and even real-time location data.

AdTruth’s parent company 41st Parameter, the leader in fraud detection and prevention, knows the ins and outs of security breaches and how critical it is that personal data does not get out. The company has spent 8 years developing device recognition technology that is both tagless and does not rely on UDID. Its a “healthier” version of the cookie and alternative to device recognition.

AdTruth has recognized that there is a better way for the industry to approach device tracking. We take a privacy-by-design approach – one that does not connect an individual permanently to a specific device and does not leave any type of identifiers physically on the device. The approach we’re describing is not limited to a specific device type – it works across all devices whether desktop, mobile or any other Internet connected device – which makes it more effective as an identifier, more privacy friendly, and easier to manage.

41st Parameter and AdTruth will continue to follow the story as it develops and continue on our mission to help both on the side of the security breach and how to protect our clients, as well as continue our forward thinking on how to recognize audiences without leaving any residue that could permanently identify a device (user) and without compromising personal data.