Dec 22

The shift toward cross device marketing

In years past, most people spent their time gathering information on products and brands through their desktop computer. Fast forward to today and that process has gotten a bit more complex. From cell phones and wearables, to smart homes and tablets, the average consumer is spending their time using more than one device — even at the same time.

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Nov 03

Digital Identity Forum 2014 Event Overview


The first Digital Identity Forum is behind us and it’s fair to say the event was a huge success. Nearly 150 people attended on a rainy New York afternoon to get a better sense of what is happening in the world of digital identities.

After some initial hobnobbing, the event got under way with Joe Laszlo, senior director of the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence setting the stage. He explained the challenge marketers face as they confront an ecosystem awash in different identifiers and went on to describe the flow of the event.

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Oct 06

AdTruth at ad:tech Tokyo 2014

AdTruth had a major presence at ad:tech Tokyo 2014, one of the biggest industry events in Japan, which took place September 16th-18th.  AdTruth representatives joined both an official speaker session on the main stage as well as a panel discussion at the Experian Japan stage. AdTech Tokyo is the leading advertising industry event in Japan with over 10,000 industry professionals attending from all over the world.


Surag Patel, Vice President of Global Product Management and Corporate Marketing at 41st Parameter, spoke at the panel discussion entitled, “The Dilemma of Cross-Device User Identification,” held on the main stage post opening session.  Patel spoke about the importance of cross-device user targeting that doesn’t utilize users’ PII (personally identifiable information) and explained how it works with AdTruth.

photo: Surag Patel, Vice President of Global Product Management and Corporate Marketing at 41st Parameter, at the main stage of AdTech Tokyo 2014, with panelist, Subra Krishnan, VP Product Management at Vizury

photo: Surag Patel, Vice President of Global Product Management and Corporate Marketing at 41st Parameter, at the main stage of AdTech Tokyo 2014, with panelist, Subra Krishnan, VP Product Management at Vizury


AdTruth had another strong session at the Experian Japan stage with a panel discussion led by the Head of AdTruth, Japan, Takeshi Torii, with guest speakers from adingo, Inc and FreakOut, Inc., two leading service providers in Japan’s ad industry. At the session, the panelists discussed the importance and difficulties of cross-channel user identification by sharing actual cases studies and discussing possible solutions.

photo: Takeshi Torii, Head of Business Development, AdTruth Japan, leads the panel discussion at the Experian Japan stage with Mr. Shoho Kozawa (Executive Director at adingo, Inc.) and Mr. Naoki Yanai (Freakin Product Manager at FreakOut, Inc.)

photo: Takeshi Torii, Head of AdTruth Japan, leads the panel discussion at the Experian Japan stage with Mr. Shoho Kozawa (Executive Director at adingo, Inc.) and Mr. Naoki Yanai (Freakin Product Manager at FreakOut, Inc.)


Located in the main exhibition hall, the Experian Japan stage hosted a series of speaker sessions from user targeting ad technologies to DMP services, with the booth displaying its series of service products including AdTruth, which is part of Experian. All the sessions at the stage were very successful and drew a steady stream of visitors to the booth.

photo: At the Experian Japan booth, visitors and audience of the stage inquire about the service products including AdTruth

photo: At the Experian Japan booth, visitors and audience of the stage inquire about the service products including AdTruth

Jul 31

AdTruth Japan Workgroup – Huge Success!

The AdTruth team hosted a very successful workgroup on July 24th at Yahoo! JAPAN headquarters in Tokyo. This was AdTruth’s fourth workgroup event held in Japan, as the first one was held in February 2013.

AdTruth workgroups are events that are hosted to continue to educate our community and accelerate the knowledge sharing. During these events, partners and team members share updates and case studies to support the community.


Over fifty attendees joined the event for the day as half a dozen case studies were shared with the group. The AdTruth team would like to thank CyberZ and adingo for contributing to the discussion and presenting how they are using AdTruth’s device recognition technology successfully in Japan.


The AdTruth team would like to thank Yahoo! JAPAN and Virtual Communications as both helped with the preparation of materials for the event.

The AdTruth Japan team looks forward to sharing more successes with the world and community.


Jul 03

IAB Mobile Center Member Spotlight

In April 2014, AdTruth became a supporting member of the IAB’s Mobile Center of Excellence. Created in 2010, the goal of the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence is to support the continued growth of mobile advertising through delivering educational market research, case studies, executive training and education, best practice recommendations and industry events to its members. AdTruth is eager to continue to show our support and commitment to further the efficiencies and education on mobile advertising.

Why did AdTruth join the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence?

What excites you about working in digital media?

What should the industry be focused on to maintain the growth of mobile marketing?

What is the biggest opportunity for brands and performance marketers today?

Jun 16

10 Must-Know Mobile Facts from the “Internet Trends 2014” Report

At this year’s Re/Code Code Conference, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins presented her annual look at the state of the Internet. This year’s edition was a weighty 164-slide presentation. As always, her report was full of valuable information and insights. Getting the most from these reports can take time and after reviewing her research, we cherry picked some great mobile facts that we thought we’d share:


  1. Missed Mobile Opportunity: The industry missed an over $30 billion advertising opportunity by choosing to invest in print rather than mobile, despite statistics that show consumers are spending more time than ever engaging with mobile media.
  2. Move Over TV & PC: Smartphone and tablet shipments have grown four to five times larger in volume than that of TVs and PCs…in less than 10 years! (Remember, iPhone has only been around for seven years, hard to believe!)
  3. Mobile Multitaskers: 84% of mobile owners use their device while watching TV. This number has nearly doubled over the last two years.
  4. Gold Medal for Mobile! During the Olympics, media engagement among multiple screen users (TV, phone, PC, and tablet) was twice that that of those watching the event on TV only.
  5. The New Channel of Choice: A slew of new channels have become available on YouTube as the number of mobile viewers on the site has grown by 40%… and counting.
  6. (M)advertising: Mobile advertising, up 47%, now accounts for 11% of all Internet advertising.
  7. Vehicle for Videos: Mobile is increasingly becoming a vehicle for video consumption. In fact, the time spent viewing online videos has grown 22%, a percentage that has more than doubled year-over-year.
  8. A Mobile Internet: Despite an increase in Internet users, the growth of Internet use through desktop and laptop computers has slowed: it’s dropped to more than 9% in 2013 vs. more than 11% in 2012. Where is the growth happening? Mobile!
  9. Internet Traffic, Mobile Congestion: Mobile Internet traffic, growing more than 1.5 times per year, will continue this upward trajectory or accelerate.
  10. Mobile Money: Mobile app revenue still trumps mobile ad revenue, coming in at 68% of mobile monetization.




So what do these points mean for marketers? First of all, it means they need to rethink their priorities. Mobile is the place to be and focusing spend on traditional online channels is going to make less and less sense as time goes on. Second, because consumers are living across multiple screens marketers need to craft campaigns and experiences that do the same. Finally, advertisers and publishers need to think creatively about how they are going to connect with consumers most effectively. Mobile has so much more potential than has been realized and things are only going to get better.


Want to learn more? Check out the full deck here.

May 27

AdMonsters Ops – Getting Mobile Right

adAdTruth is headed to New York and speaking on June 19th at AdMonsters Ops.

Dont miss this session on “Getting Mobile Right” as we break down the tools needed for recognizing audiences at scale. There’s no doubt that screens are multiplying at a rapid rate. Mobile is on the rise and marketers are in jeopardy of losing sight of their audience. Its time to face the truth and develop a mobile toolkit to reach todays digital consumer.

Learn more about our session here. 

Hope to see you there!



May 19

Navigating the Identification Landscape

April Showers bring May Flowers 


Recognizing today’s digital consumer is challenging. Learn about the methods of identification, the environments where they live and how well they work.

Enter the greenhouse and download the green thumb guide to the gardern of identifiers.



Apr 24

Experian Japan Marketing Summit – Spring 2014

5. 1st visitor


The AdTruth Japan Team joined and sponsored the Experian Marketing Summit Japan on April 17th in Tokyo Japan. In partnership with Experian Japan, AdTruth was introduced to the audience of over 125 attendees from over eighty B2C companies. A sample of the presenters include AdTruth partner Yahoo!JAPAN, JAL and Experian Japan.


“AdTruth is a service that provides vital positioning in Experian’s cross-channel marketing strategy. Particularly, in Japan, with a high reliance upon mobile devices and a cautious attitude towards private information, technology that can provide cookie-less, unique identifications in one-to-one marketing is a challenge that must be addressed. This technology is also expected to penetrate the market as the de facto technological infrastructure in handling the successor of the cookie.”

- Shinya Nakazawa, Experian Japan Co., Ltd., Marketing Div, Corporate Officer

“Experian, Inc. is the parent company and also a strategic AdTruth partner. The Japan market is an important focus area for AdTruth and we would like to thank Experian Japan for involving AdTruth in their Marketing Summit. We look forward to continuing to be involved.”

- Takeshi Torii, AdTruth, Senior Director of Business Development


The event was a success for the team and enjoyed a networking reception together. We look forward to future events with Experian Japan.


Apr 15

New Rulebook for IDFA?

The app marketing community this week received news from 1 Infinite Loop. Apple has given approval for the use of its Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) to attribute app installs and post-install actions. Privacy restrictions and usage agreements have been added to the iTunes Connect agreement. This news comes two months after the crackdown of pulling apps from the App Store that used the end users device IDFA.

It’s not clear what was changed.

What we know:

  • IDFA can only be used for app install tracking and attribution
  • IDFA can only be used for apps that display ads

What we don’t know:

  • True limitations of when you can use IDFA when you’re using IDFA to target ads on apps you don’t own/control
  • What changes Apple will make next


We applaud Apple for the clarification, although the unknown is abundant.

It is pretty straightforward. The question for marketers to ask themselves is: Do you want to rely on a single method of attribution that may not exist tomorrow?

This is certainly an example of the “one and off switch” behavior pattern and as a result the app marketing community continues to be left in the dark.

Did you hear the good news?

There is a universal identification technology today that exists that works in all environments and platforms. Marketers can continue to place their bets on the next move by Apple and invest in the IDFA tool, but how many more bones will they catch?

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